Characteristics - De Carishof Engels

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The main garden of The Carishof, covering about 3,800 m2, lies almost entirely on the south and west sides of the farmhouse with only the entry on the east.

A small corridor between two hedges leads to the main garden which opens as a fan with views over the surrounding landscape towards the hills. This gives the garden an almost unlimited feeling of depth and peace.

The layout is dominated by strong cultivation near the farmhouse leading you naturally to the landscape near the borders. Flowers are concentrated around the house and near the edges are fruit trees and bushes as well as grapevines.

Hedges of beech, buxus and yew dominate the layout and provide natural boundaries to the flower borders. Groups of trees, a natural pond and a small brook give this garden the grandeur of a park. Here also can be found the orangery and an authentic baking house (also renovated).

Flower colours in the garden cover everything from white to black and pink to blue, although orange and yellow have been avoided due to their dominancy, at least in summer. Springtime is quite another story as in an overwhelming splendour of bulb flowers garish colours – red at first – qualify the view; and the tender sprouting green plays its role of modest but undispensible companion.
The flower borders are almost completely planted with perennials, in some places mixed and in others all of one kind or one colour. For example the rose border planted with rosa ‘Nostalgie’ (nostalgy).

The courtyard is for the main part used for pot plants under the umbrella of a trimmed planetree, which creates – together with a small wall fountain – a Mediterrenean atmosphere.

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